Welcome to Robert Paramo Psychology.  Rob is a Registered Psychologist working in Private Practice. A solutions focused practical problem solver working across a range of areas where applied psychology can help. Passionate about best practice with nearly 20 years of experience in public service.  Offering services ranging from complex forensic assessment to organisational support, staff mentoring and coaching.

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Rob has nearly 20 years experience working within the field of applied psychology, and 15 years as a qualified and Registered Psychologist. This has included working in a forensic context with high quality individual and group based interventions for those that have offended. He worked for Her Majesty’s Public Prison Service (UK) for nine years in a range of roles from clinical delivery to national office based clinical support and national training. In New Zealand, he has worked for the Department of Corrections for 10 years. Again working clinically in assessment, treatment, staff supervision and as a national lead manager for Psychology Practice.

He has trained programme facilitators for many years in manualised interventions, role-play skills and broader treatment approaches. He has worked in the area of critical incidents and supported staff and organisations on assessing and intervening with staff well-being in a wide range of contexts. He has completed and defended assessments in quasi and formal court settings, and is a confident expert witness.  He has recently published a chapter on programme integrity in The Handbook of Correctional Psychology (Polaschek, Day and Hollin (Eds) 2019).

Private Practice

In private practice Rob utilises his expertise in assessment, treatment and supervision for a range of client groups. This includes both forensic and non-forensic work.

Rob is an associate to Hall McMaster and Associates. He provides training and consultation for a range of clients and organisations (see www.hma.co.nz).

Rob is a registered ACC assessor and treatment provider for Sensitive Claims (ISSC). Referrals for this work should be directed to Victoria Smith Psychotherapy.

Rob delivers an on-site psychological service alongside EAP services for a major Government Department in Wellington. Additionally he provides clinical and supervisory services for a number of NGO’s and private health care providers.

He takes instruction from Barristers and Solicitors to undertake independent forensic assessment for sentencing court hearings.

Rob is carrying a supervision caseload of Psychologists and Allied Health Professionals for a range of forensic, behavioural and clinical work.

Rob also holds the position of Adjunct Teaching Fellow with the School of Psychology at Victoria University of Wellington. In this role he provides practice related teaching and support to the Masters of Forensic Psychology programme. 



  • Pre-sentence, Parole Board and expert opinion psychological evaluations and reports.
  • Second opinion assessments.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Pre- and post- treatment evaluations.
  • ACC sensitive claims supported assessments.


  • Individual therapy.
  • Brief interventions.
  • Well-being and resilience support sessions.
  • ACC sensitive claims registered treatment provider.


  • Organisational support for well-being and resilience of staff.
  • Critical incident support.
  • Consultation for quality processes associated with therapeutic interventions.
  • Mentoring and coaching.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Consultation on risk assessment.


  • Supervision for Psychologists undertaking forensic assessment and treatment.
  • Supervision for Therapists and Allied Health Professionals engaging in programmes and other therapeutic approaches.


  • Therapist skills training.
  • Group skills training.
  • Role-play skills for therapy.
  • Supervision skills training.

    Current Clients, Associates and Partners

    Some of the organisations, institutions, agencies and individuals that Rob is pleased to provide Psychological Services to:

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    Rob is Wellington based but available to work nationwide by negotiation.

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    Rob is a Registered Psychologist with the New Zealand Psychologists Board. He holds Chartered Psychologist status, full membership and Associate Fellow status with the British Psychological Society. He is also a full member of the New Zealand Psychological Society and an active committee member of the Institute of Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology.